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What A Single Woman Wants: Part 2

A couple weeks back I got to thinking, what if I had a few single women speak on what a single woman wants in a relationship? It would be the perfect opportunity for us folks in the married club to get a check-up. To either take stock on what we have or take note on where we as men might be falling short. After all, it may seem as if it were ancient history but once upon a time our wives were single too!

Please give a warm MMWH welcome to our next guest Single Woman Blogger, Wynella Reid.

This Is What I Want
by Wynella Reid

I read the first post and I think Brooke did a great job in providing an overview of what single women want. I can’t add any more than what she wrote, but I can only speak to what I want, and I hope that there are a few other single women out there who agree with me.

I don’t have an issue with meeting men. Despite the constraints being a single mom places on my free time and the hoopla around the dearth of available Black men, I am able to meet nice guys with their teeth and a job relatively frequently. My girlfriend jokes that I always have a man in my company. My sister thinks I give everyone a chance, I deny it; not everyone but sometimes I know they aren’t a fit before I say “Sure, you can call me”. I figure Mr. Right can be anyone so I should keep myself open to the fact that he will be younger or older than me. Stouter or shorter than I prefer or he may not have any children of his own. Typically after two of our encounters they express an interest in wanting more and I usually want less; so because I’m usually very busy, it’s easy to let them fall to wayside. Bottom line there’s a lack of passion or chemistry.

Most days, I want nothing more than someone to greet me either when I get home from work or come in the door after me and wrap his arms around my waist while I change out of my work clothes. At other times I long for someone for whom I can prepare a great meal because I love to cook. (I want a man that I can fatten up so that no one else will want him. hah-hah). I would also like someone to do boy things with my boys. It’s a given that if you want to be with me you have to want to be with my boys. After all, if you want the cat you have to take the kittens too. At other times while the boys are in bed I want him to be the person with whom I can watch silly flicks or foreign films while cuddling on the couch.

He’ll give me feedback on my latest clothing purchases and let me know if my hems are too short or my pants are too snug for work. During the weekends when I have a break from the boys he’ll be the Mr. Oooh La La that Rissi Palmer sings about and “hold me like a Sunday Morning and rock me like a Saturday night.” I want him to call me when he’s out of town on business and check on me daily because being a single mom of two boys can drive you a little close to the edge. He’ll give me grown man hugs and kisses which I will gladly reciprocate. To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, I want him to be “my assumed date”. What I want is passion, spark, chemistry and a genuine excitement to be with a person and of course that can’t happen without him having teeth and a job.

Wynella Reid is the Director for both the Office of Career Management and the Women’s Business Leadership Initiative for undergraduate students at Rutgers University Business School. Drawing on her years of experience in college recruiting she authors the blog, Build Brand You which emphasizes strategic brand development for college students, plus great tips for everyone else. When Ms Reid is not working and volunteering she’s“divamommying” two sons which she recounts in her blog, Adventures of a DivaMom, studying Spanish, cooking and trying out new hairstyles.

Have something to say about being a Single Woman in the year 2010? Want to share your thoughts with the readers here at Makes Me Wanna Holler? Email me via my CONTACT PAGE for more information.

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