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AP Husbands: Do It Just Because

A year or so ago, I created the series AP Manhood, as in Advanced Placement, as in the classes only a handful of us got into while in High School and in my case, was occasionally teased about.

Pencil N' Paper

Challenge Number One: Do It Just Because.

This week or upcoming weekend do something around the house or for your wife that noticeably needs to be done that she either asked or didn't ask you to do. Once it's done don't mention it or asked to be thanked. Act as if nothing happened.

Think of it this way to help you in this challenge: Do you do a good job at work just for a raise or accolades or because you also believe in doing a good job and like to put your best foot forward? Because you know it will better who you are in your field. The same should be true of your work as a husband. Don't chase after the reward, just do the job.

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